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#13    2016    [saˈlɔ] [ˈsɑlo] [salˈo]

Video (filmed with Screenflow™): 16:9, color, no sound, 07:56 min.

1:1 video installation / Virtual reality

[saˈlɔ] [ˈsɑlo] [salˈo] - COORDINATES OF HISTORY / ALGORITHMS FOR REALITY is the approach of an unknown location – based on a performative research in the virtual space. The artwork is a hypothetical reality in which current data and historical information mingle. Virtual movements, layers, different points of view and connections, information overlay, reality glitches and definitions – an archiving process of intermediate spaces and data. The virtual capture of a site: Salò – [Village, Lago di Garda (IT)]. [1942-1945 under Mussolini] Repubblica di Salò. The former ministry of foreign affairs: today an accommodation for tourists – the Hotel Laurin [Pier Paolo Pasolini’s residence, 1975, while shooting his movie Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom]. 

[Text: Salzburger Kunstverein]

[Villa Feltrinelli residence of Benito Mussolini in 1943 (Repubblica di Salò). Author: unknown]
[Text excerpt of Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975]
[Overlaying Google-Maps Images: Salò (Province of Brescia, Italy) and Salo (Finland]

Finds its further development in the research project INSTRUCTIONS FOR [RE]VISITING [saˈlɔ] [ˈsɑlo] [salˈo] - COORDINATES OF HISTORY / ALGORITHMS FOR REALITY shown at the Austrian Cultural Forum London (UK) in 2019.

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