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Installation, vinyl objects, mixed media, text based sound [www.soundcloud.com/daniela-grabosch/we-morphed-into-humanoids]

Dimensions variable

Cold metal structures — firm skeletons in space. Surrogates for long lost spines holding matterless black vinyl bodies. As reminders of human-shaped imprints after exterminating nuclear catastrophes. Ragged by rays they morphed into humanoids. Buried like aliens from outer space. And far off their lonely whispering voice:

[…] We were dazzled by infinity —
and we left behind our contours in roentgen. […]

[Text: Daniela Grabosch based on texts/thoughts by Svetlana Alexievich, Liubov Sirota, Mario Petrucci and Sankichi Tōge][*¹ Title based on “Chernobyl Prayer” by Svetlana Alexievich]

[Photos: 01-06 Daniela Grabosch / MUSA Startgalerie, Vienna (AT)]

[Photos: 07-09 Lea Sonderegger / MUSA Startgalerie, Vienna (AT)]

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