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#32    2021    THE SCREEN IS WHERE WE MET —

Scent, aroma diffuser

Reflecting on online dating apps and other digital channels of getting attracted to someone today, Daniela Grabosch has created a scent in collaboration with scent chemist Anna Thomas, speculating on how postdigital intimacy might smell like. While scientists have shown that information from olfactory nerves fundamentally factor in the decision whether or not to get involved with someone, we can only smell ourselves while getting visually and/or intellectually attracted to someone online. Responding to this narcistic pre-condition, Daniela Grabosch and Anna Thomas bewitch your senses and desires with their secret constellation of aromas. If you need more of it, we have editions ready for you.

The scent “The screen is where we met—” was commissioned by das weisse haus as part of the group exhibition "connections unplugged, bodies rewired" by Daniela Grabosch and Anna Thomas. 

[Text: Frederike Sperling]

[Photo: Daniela Grabosch]

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