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#25    2020    THERE WAS NO ONE TO TALK TO –

Video: 9:16, color, sound, 00:58 min.

There was no one to talk to –

the only diversion was the daily swim in the crystal-clear water right underneath my house.

A blue gaze –
Crashing through its walls.

In a world made of physical experience,

our virtual imagination
is a real yet to come.

Each object,
each detail,
has to be thought of in relation to our bodies.

Walking on screens –
and transitioning beyond.

Revealing glitches and bruises.

The exhilarating feeling of contemplating life
morphing across different bodies.

Facing the endless repetition of the same,
of the immense mass of blue melting into the sky.

[Based on thoughts by Eileen Gray and Hito Steyerl]

The work has been exhibited at KVARTIRNIK with works by Anna Bochkova, Daniela Grabosch, Natalia Gurova, Danielle Pamp and Siggi Sekira. This work is part of an ongoing project in collaboration with Anna Thomas.

[Photo: Michelle Brown]

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