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#16    2017    [A STATE OF FLUX] / [MOTION MARKER 01-03]

ABS 3D print [based on 3D scan of the artists movement], carpet, composite foam

Dimensions of the installation are variable due to the size and conditions of the exhibition space [max. approx. 4x4m]

[A STATE OF FLUX] / [MOTION MARKER 01-03] is the portrait of the [virtual] movement of the artist – a movement which took place inside the physical installation of the artwork MODULE #7 (PERFORM POSITIONS INSIDE A MOVING STRUCTURE). Constructed in the digital space and transported back into the physical exhibition space – a result of manifold, layered realities.

[A STATE OF FLUX] / [MOTION MARKER 01-03] shows the [virtual] presence of physically absent objects/ bodies and makes the digital archived work MODULE #7 (PERFORM POSITIONS INSIDE A MOVING STRUCTURE) – in an extended dimension – again accessible for the audience. The artwork transfers the movements of the artist – that were recorded for MODULE #7 (PERFORM POSITION INSIDE A MOVING STRUCTURE) with a 3D scanner – as usable, performative objects back into the exhibition space.

The artwork sets a performative environment which serves as the stage for a performance – with its score being constructed by the audience positioning itself within the installation. This creates a setting which transforms the audience into performers and invites them to interact with the artwork itself and the rest of the participating audience.

[Photos: Ricardo Almeida Roque]
[Installation View: Robert Bodnar]

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