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#11    2016    48.2082° N / 16.3738° E 38.4442° N / 09.1015° W

Drive 2,906 km, 27 h - Selftracking - Archiving movement in virtual space

Video: 16:9 (HD), color, no sound, 7:07 min., 2016 (Apple Maps recorded with Screenflow™)

1:1 video installation / Virtual reality

48.2082 ° N / 16.3738 ° E 38.4442 ° N / 09.1015 ° W focuses on the topic of surveillance, automatic monitoring, movement and the archival of one’s own body – self-monitoring, self-sensing, wearable sensors, wearable computing and self-surveillance.

48.2082 ° N / 16.3738 ° E 38.4442 ° N / 09.1015 ° W utilizes digital map material serving as a self-tracking tool – the artwork documents the movement of the artist in both physical and virtual space – a [self] monitored body (via GPS).

48.2082 ° N / 16.3738 ° E 38.4442 ° N / 09.1015 ° W is the first part of a continuous research, based on the analysis of a land plot located on the coast of Portugal, near the capital of Lisbon.

The artwork shows a first approach to this remote location – the recording of a performance, which has taken place both in the physical and in the digital space - translating the data into images and text and providing a virtual score for a possible re-performance to the audience.

During the last decades, since the purchase of the land plot in 1962, the state regulations have changed several times – today the still privately owned land plot finds itself in one of Portugal’s largest natural reserves, which denies the owners any [commercial] usage of the areal and transforms it into a place fluctuating between an undefined private and public state.

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