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#06        2015        MODULE #1 INSIDE OUT / OUTSIDE IN

Wood, metal, glass, mirror, plant, plastic curtain

Dimension 4x2 m

A set, standardized parts, (in)dependent units. A building, a room, an object – a stage. Together. Side by side. End to end. A variety of possible constellations.

MODULE #1 INSIDE OUT / OUTSIDE IN consists of one standing and one lying 2x2m standardized stage elements. The supplementary title INSIDE OUT / OUTSIDE IN refers to the image layer – as the artwork shows an excerpt from the artists’ personal archived data collection of innumerable photos, videos and GPS data, which she collected on various trips to Istanbul, Lisbon and Tbilisi with her phone.

Parts of this data collection is incorporated as prints within the installation. Some of them are printed on glass boards, which results into the possibility of an overlay and the changeability of the pictures. This overlap connects the places where the images were taken and creates a new, virtual and non-existing place.

The glass boards and mirrors function as projection screens through which the audience inscribes their bodies into the installation. Their [un]conscious movement and positioning within the structure turns the audience into an important part of the artwork. It leads them to a moment of [self]surveillance in which the participating audience can observe themselves.

The photographs, videos and GPS data, which play an important role both geographically and content wise, search for the boundaries between private and public spaces, the boundaries between an interior and an exterior. They document gardens, parks, courtyards and monitored facilities.

[Photos: Ricardo Almeida Roque]

Make (something) ready for use.
Or consideration.
A set.
Of standardized parts.
Or independent units.
That can be used to construct.
A more complex structure.
An item of furniture.
A building.
A stage.

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